Summer Bundle

Curious about trying Lorenza wines? This Summer Bundle includes 1 bottle each of True Rosé, Picpoul Blanc and 4 cans of Lorenza Spritz. The Summer Bundle is exclusive to our website and here for a limited time.

Our Dry True Rosé is translucent pink, fragrance of orange blossoms, flavors of juicy sweet-tart honey tangerine, passion fruit and rhubarb on a silky palate with a crisp grapefruitty finish.  
"Cult-Favorite Rosé"  - The Zoe Report

The newest member of the Lorenza family is our Picpoul Blanc. Luminous pale yellow, scent of key lime zest, direct yet delicate flavors of Meyer lemon, chervil, green apple and lemongrass with a zippy finish! 
Featured on Oprah's July O List - "All American Favorites"

Lorenza Spritz is rosé + bubbles. Affectionately known as the 'mood-adjuster' - Lorenza Spritz has notes of wild strawberries, raspberries and guava. Perfect on the go, straight from the can or used in a cocktail, the options are endless.  
"The 12 Best Canned Wines" - San Francisco Chronicle

Want to introduce a friend to Lorenza? The Summer Bundle makes a great gift and we'll enclose a handwritten note. 

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