15 Vintages of Rosé

15 years ago, we set out with a clear intention to produce a few cases of a wine we love from old vines in California while deepening our connection as mother and daughter. Little did we know what Lorenza would have in store for us.

We stand here today, proud of all that we have achieved as a self-funded, female-founded and operated company. Making wine is a journey that engages creativity and resilience, it requires trust and most importantly community. 

You may notice, we have a new look! Our new label speaks to the way we see Lorenza today, fresh yet classic. An exciting start to a year full of new things. And yes, new wines!

We are grateful to all those who have supported us, our vision and our wine: family and friends, shop owners and sommeliers, distributors, growers, vendors, our beautiful team, and you. Thanks for believing. We hope you will enjoy all that we have in store for you this year. But first, let's start where it all began - with a glass of Rosé.

Melinda + Michèle