Our Story

The Beginning

Lorenza originated from a shared love of Provence Rosé by Melinda Kearney and Michèle Ouellet. A beautiful glass of wine and all its intricacies was not new for the mother-daughter duo. As a wine and food-obsessed family living in Napa Valley they were in pursuit of the perfect rosé and the summer feelings it evoked.

— Melinda

Looking for a way to stay connected led us to make the first vintage of Lorenza.

My vision was to make a beautiful, intentional rosé in California that would evoke the wines we loved from France. Rosé, in all its wonder, was a delightful part of our ongoing conversation as a family although good California rosé was rare at the time in 2008. I wanted to share my wine knowledge and business experience with my daughter as she embarked on a global modeling career. Remarkably she agreed.

As a Boulder restaurateur transplanted to Napa Valley, Melinda has dedicated her 30-year career to leading a lineup of blue-chip wineries that covet her marketing insight.

— Michèle

As a restaurant enthusiast from a young age, every few days, I traversed the garden between our home and Mustards Grill for a stack of ribs and an apple cider.

Later, dabbling in a commercial kitchen during a stage at Martini House in St. Helena, I soundly confirmed that I was on the right path as a model. A lifelong traveler, I crave roadside Pho in Vietnam and delight in Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome. These experiences have honed my palate, inspired culinary adventures in my own kitchen and provided a worldwide context for our wine.

After a summer as a teen in Paris, Michèle shared her newfound appreciation for rosé with her mom. Melinda’s response? “Let’s make rosé together when you’re of age!”


We had a hunch that there were more than a few people who, like us, wanted to feel chic about what was in their glass and connected to the story behind the wine. Since the climates of Northern California and the Mediterranean are so similar we were confident that we could produce a beautiful dry, True Rosé made from old vines. Optimistic early adopters? Yes, we truly believed in rosé and in California.

Lorenza, a natural collaboration between mother and daughter, was born in 2008. Melinda and Michèle shared the same vision: to run a company together, make a rosé with intention, and share it with sommeliers, merchants, and friends. Lorenza became a wine of intention meant for connection.