Fruits, Flowers and Stone

Each year at harvest we step into the cellar seduced by this sensory wonderland. We are fascinated by the sweet jubilant juice from the press as it transforms in stainless steel vessels into a refined expression of fruits, flowers and stones.

We follow our noses. 90 percent of experiencing a glass of wine has to do with the sense of smell. This is where we do our best work. This critical indulgence in the senses, not surprisingly, is more like play. 

Lorenza True Rosé is made up of four grape varieties: Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cinsaut, and Grenache that when blended together bring us the aroma, flavor and texture of our wine. Over the last months our mission has been to follow the individual fermentations, identify the qualities of each variety and predict how they’ll come together in the final wine.

In the photo above are the four varieties during fermentation.  Each day as the juice moves from sweet to dry we are regaled by the changing aromas, flavors and colors. Here's how it goes by variety 
- from right to left:

Mourvedre juice fresh off the press goes through a dramatic change from flavors and aromas that remind us of heady tropical fruits such as guava and mangosteen to the pale yet tart angles of rhubarb. Mourvedre reveals its structure, minerality, or stone-like qualities.
Grenache moves through a range of citrus expressions from sweet Valencia oranges and ruby red grapefruit upon the pressing of the grapes to tangerine zest or grapefruit pith. Bonus is the intoxicating aroma of orange blossoms. 
Cinsaut offers a rounder and softer perspective that reminds us of apple pie and pear tarte tatin, with baking spices. When dry, it becomes rounder and with raw honey-like weight. Elegance.
Carignan when freshly pressed is akin to frozen strawberries and over time becomes tart like a cranberry with lift and a bit of texture. We can always count on Carignan for its striking pink color in otherwise pale company.

The final blend finds its way to the bottle and comes alive in the spring. While we patiently wait, we enjoy a glass of Lorenza and remind you to follow your nose.
Love Melinda and Michele