Lorenza Loves: Lupa Cotta

We are thrilled to introduce you to our next guest chef Ines Glaser, founder of the nomadic pizza business Lupa Cotta! To say we adore Ines, would be an understatement. After finally meeting at a Frank & Eileen event in LA, Ines and Michèle bonded over a shared love of pizza, wine and pizza wine. 

In 2017, Ines shifted gears from working in film and TV production to follow her passion for cooking and to study dough making in Naples, LA and Copenhagen. Lupa Cotta is who you want to call to do a pizza party at your house, corporate events or workshop! She is so joyful and lovely to be around and the pizza is absolutely insane. We also highly recommend her newsletter, Pizza Tourist for more recipes, interesting interviews and more!

Melinda and Michèle love to pair the Cinsaut with pizza. Its light, best served chilled alongside a slice with creaminess, saltiness and a little spice! Ines was kind enough to create our dream pizza and share the recipe with us!

"The Cinsaut is easy to drink, cherry notes, with a spicy sophistication. It's a classic with a little bit of edge. Goes perfectly with the anchovies, chili, burrata." -Ines

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Lorenza Rosé: Where are you from?
Ines Glaser: Washington DC but I grew up moving to a new place every three years. I don’t really feel like I’m from anywhere. 

LR: Where do you cook?
IG: I own a pizza company in Los Angeles called Lupa Cotta where I cook privately at special events. 

LR: What is your earliest cooking memory?
IG: Making potato bread with my dad in Hokkaido. 

LR: What is inspiring you these days?
IG: The food scene in London. It feels like an elegant melting pot of cuisines from around the world. Their presentation seems approachable, classic, but also new wave.

LR: What is the soundtrack of your life?
IG: A Manu Chao, Fela Kuti, or Jonathan Richman album. Chaotic, fun, collaborative…weird?

LR: What makes you so passionate about pizza?
IG: I love how excited people get about it. All eaters, cooks, chefs —love pizza. And almost everyone has an opinion on it. I love the controversy! 

LR: What are 5 ingredients always found in your kitchen?
IG: My mom’s fruit preserves, butter, anchovies, herbs-de-provence, calabrian chili :) 

LR: What would the title of your memoir be?
IG: Sin Mayonesa 

LR: Best bite you had recently?
IG: The Cuban sandwich with pique hot sauce from Sol Food in Marin county. 

LR: If you weren’t a chef, what would you be?
IG: A dog therapist. Seems equally as strange and niche as pizza. People pay a lot for their dogs. And, I’d get to continue hanging out with Baloo all day. 

LR: What’s next for Lupa Cotta?
IG: I’d love to write a cookbook and finish our airbnb property in Lone Pine, California. 


Pizza with basil, burrata, anchovies and calabrian chilis


  • Homemade or store bought pizza dough 
  • Basil 
  • Pecorino
  • Shaved garlic
  • Tomato sauce
  • Calabrian chili 
  • Anchovy
  • Burrata
  • Good olive oil 


  1. Stretch out your pizza dough. Drizzle with olive oil, a pinch of pecorino, a handful of basil, and shaved garlic.
  2. Dollop a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce and calabrian chili around the pizza. Sprinkle it with more pecorino and olive oil. Bake pizza in the oven at the highest temperature until desired crispiness. 
  3. Finish with burrata, olive oil, sea salt (or Lupa Cotta Magic Pizza Dust), fresh parmigiano-reggiano and anchovies! Enjoy with a glass of Lorenza Cinsaut.