Harvest Journal 2022

Harvest is the spiritual start to our year. A new vintage marks an annual renewal of our commitment to the expression and sharing of Lorenza. Harvest takes deep focus and creative energy. It pulls us in like a break from real life but we emerge from it simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated. For the past month, Michele and I have left our lives in Napa and Los Angeles and are posted in Lodi, sampling, picking, tasting, pressing, deciding. At this writing, we have one last vineyard to pick, the late ripening Mourvedre for our rosé which will happen early tomorrow morning, Saturday.

Harvest as always has challenges and surprises. This year we had rolling blackouts and a heat spike that heightened the sense of urgency all around us. We are grateful for our community + crews who graciously went above and beyond to help us to bring in the fruit and into the tanks safely. This year, our 15th harvest, we’ve been inspired to make new wines from vineyards we know well - a different perspective. We are excited to reveal them in the months ahead.

Michele and I thank you for your encouragement, for following along on social media and for continuing to support our wines. We feel really lucky to be doing this and grateful to be able to share our journey and wines with you.

Special thank you to Matt Morris for capturing another Lorenza harvest on film.