The Ingenue

Musing by Melinda - 

As a summer companion, we all love Lorenza. We love and trust her, she never lets us down. As the days cool we bring her from the swimming pool to the dining room. She shows her versatility, pairing with roasted chicken, winter stews and soups. The snow flies and by the fire, we can’t imagine another vintage in our glass.

Yet, in January, barely in the bottle the fresh new vintage begs for attention. Raw, edgy and unknown, she wants to be loved, to be first in our glass. We wait for the right moment. Soon she becomes hard to ignore. 

We lean in with curiosity. Thoughts of harvest nudge our memory: the heady aromas, the fresh bright flavors, the early mornings. Such romance! We show her to friends and family. Then, on the edge of spring, we introduce her to the world. Our ingenue. Our little star.

And just like that, we’re in love!